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To Freeze or Not to Freeze? The Coffee Freshness Question Answered!

Do you swear by freezing coffee? Or do you scoff at the idea of putting your beans in cold storage? Perhaps you’ve never done it before and are just wondering what all the fuss is about. We have the answers for you!

Should You Freeze Coffee?

It really is hard to give a clear yes or no answer to the ‘whether to freeze coffee’ conundrum.

On the one hand, if you are able to vacuum pack your coffee and remove every molecule of moisture possible before freezing, then it really could work to your advantage. The freshness will be locked in until you decide to defrost.

However, if moisture becomes trapped inside the container with your coffee it’s going to have a negative effect on the flavour. Ensuring that no dampness or condensation alters your coffee during the freezing process is key.

Whether you decide to freeze your coffee should be down to whether you really have to. Like if you want to keep a wonderful once-in-a-lifetime coffee bean in top condition for drinking in a few years time.

The main problem with freezing is that it will always have a slightly detrimental effect on your coffee beans, so it is only a good option when the alternative will have a worse result.

For the best flavour from your coffee bean, you want to brew it within a few weeks of roasting. Over time the flavourful oils in the beans that create great-tasting coffee will go stale, which results in a more bitter taste.

When Freezing Coffee is Good Idea

Here are a few different scenarios when you might want to freeze your coffee:

  • You got some limited edition coffee you absolutely love and are dreading the day you run out so want to keep some to relive the good times far into the future.
  • You have loads of coffee beans that you simply cannot consume quickly enough before they begin to get old and lose their flavour.
  • Freezing coffee beans in your thing. You love nothing more than getting up in the morning and fondling your fresh beans before packing them up for some time in sub-zero hibernation.

The Right Way to Freeze Coffee

If you think freezing coffee is the right choice then there are a few guidelines to follow:

  • Make sure you use airtight containers, like reusable bags, and leave as little air inside as possible.
  • Vacuum pack your coffee if you can.
  • Divide your coffee up into small amounts that you can that thaw and use within a week.
  • Once you have frozen the coffee, do not defrost and refreeze (this can cause condesation to form).

Cold Tip: Grinding after Freezing

When you grind a coffee bean that isn’t frozen you’re going to end up with grounds that are an optimal size, but also some are very small and some a bit too large. Grinding frozen coffee beans reduces this irregularity in the resulting coffee grounds, so you get a more even result and a slightly better brew!

When Freezing Coffee is a Bad Idea

Still not sure if you should freeze your coffee? Here are some examples of when not to do it:

  • You are a true coffee connoisseur and want to experience the taste of if your latest choice of beans at their absolute finest.
  • You have already ground your coffee. Now is the time to drink it, not to freeze it.
  • You want to store your coffee for a month or less. Just keep it in an airtight container, and put it on a shelf where it’ll stay dry and not exposed to strong light or heat.

What About the Fridge?

No way! A fridge will do nothing for the freshness of your coffee, in fact it’s likely to make it worse. Moisture will ruin the natural aroma of coffee and odours from other stuff in your fridge will be absorbed. Unless you want to flavour your coffee with some of last night’s leftover pizza, keep it out of the fridge.

But the Best Thing…

Just buy coffee when you need it! For the best tasting coffee drink it as close to roasting and grinding as possible. A great way to do this is to have a fresh supply of coffee at hand at all times. A Doubleshot coffee subscription can help with this, so you’re sent regular batches of freshly roasted coffee beans. Remember, life is too short for bad coffee!

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Warming Chai Recipes for the Winter Months 🥶 4 of the Best!

There’s no avoiding it, however much you’d like to. The dark days of winter are upon us 🥶  Once the sun goes down and the night creeps in, we need to do everything we can to stay snug and cosy. Which usually means wrapping yourself up in your duvet with a nice warm drink. Well, we don’t know much about duvets but when it comes to delicious hot beverages we’ve got plenty to say!

chai concentrate recipes

To help you get thorough the short days and cold nights, we’ve compiled a handpicked selection of our favourite warming drinks that you can make in a jiffy with our Artisanal Chai Concentrate. Just add a little bit of your time and a few extra ingredients for these tasty brews that’ll make you feel toasty inside and out.

So without further ado, check out all our warming chai recipes for the winter months below to see which one you’re going to try first!

(The ingredient amounts are for one, so if you’re making for guests just multiple by the number of people!)

Mexicali Hot Choccy

Warming Chai Recipes for the Winter Months

For a new take on the classic hot chocolate try this nifty little recipe for a chai-infused winter favourite that the kids will love too!

1. Grab your favourite mug
2. Drop in 3 large chunks of high-quality dark chocolate
3. Steam around 250ml of milk
4. Pour a little over the chocolate to melt it
5. Stir the milk and chocolate together
6. Add roughly 30ml of Doubleshot Chai Concentrate to the mix
7. Stir while topping up the mug with the rest of the steamed milk
9. Grate some dark chocolate over the top and serve!

Dirty Chai Latte

We love this one, because you get to mix our Chai Concentrate with your choice of Doubleshot Coffee, and they all go together so so well 🙂

1. Make an expresso with your favourite Doubleshot coffee
2. Pour it into a large mug
3. Add in a 30ml shot of Doubleshot Chai Concentrate
4. Heat up roughly 250ml of milk then add it to the mug
5. Mix throughly with a teaspoon of honey if you like it sweet!
6. Add some steamed milk to the top
7. Sprinkle on a little cinnamon powder and you’re all set :)

Cheeky Chai Eggnog

Warming Chai Recipes for the Winter Months

Why’s it cheeky? Well, you get to measure how much rum you decide to add, whether just one shot or maybe a triple! A nice brandy or bourbon works great too 😉

1. Crack open an egg and separate the white from the yolk
2. Beat the egg white in a mixing bowl until it’s fluffy
3. Heat up around 120ml of milk in a saucepan
4. Slowly pour the warm milk over the beaten egg white, stirring all the time
5. Put the mixed egg white and milk back into the saucepan
6. Heat until the mixture begins to thicken (do not allow to boil)
7. Take the saucepan off the hob
8. Add in 100ml of creamy custard and 60ml of Doubleshot Chai Concentrate 
9. Mix together with a shot or three of your chosen liquor
10. Pour into a mug and add a dusting of ground nutmeg to serve!

Chai Hot Toddy

If thick and creamy isn’t your thing that this hot and strong brew is sure to delight. You’ll be feeling toasty after a glass, we guarantee it!

1. Take a small saucepan, add 200ml of water, and bring it to the boil
2. Add some thin slices of fresh ginger, a cinnamon stick, and half a teaspoon of ground cardamon
3. After a few minutes bring the heat down and stir in 100ml of milk
4. Then add 60ml of Doubleshot Chai Concentrate and a tablespoon of honey
5. Stir on a light heat for a few minutes
6. Take off the heat and strain the mixture into a mug to remove the ginger and cinnamon
7. Pour in a shot of dark rum to finish, sip and enjoy!

So that’s it for our round up of warming chai recipes for the winter months, we hope you try them all and have as much fun drinking them as we did! And if you have come up with a crazy Chai concentrate concoction then we’d love to hear about it. Add it to the comments section below and we’ll give it a try 😄

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Make a Brew the Manly Way! A Guide to Cowboy Tea and Coffee 🤠

We’re blessed with a plethora of coffee and tea brewing contraptions now that it might seem scary to think about making a cuppa with diddly squat 😱 Relax, it’s not like this has never happened to anyone before!

In fact, coming up with ways to make coffee and tea with next to nothing isn’t so hard. Cowboys in the Wild West managed to do it, and today we’re looking at the inventive brewing methods they came up with.

For the average cowboy, tea and coffee is an essential pick-me-up to stay alert at night and to energise in the morning. At the very least they have a pot, water, and a fire. And something to brew up of course. Other things that come to hand can be used to help, but it really is all about doing it with the bare essentials.

Cowboy Tea – The Spinning Method

Our personal favourite here at Doubleshot is the spinning method. It’s definitely one for all you wannabe John Waynes out there. A method that requires skill, has an element of danger, and when pulled off right will deliver some real cowboy kudos. So here it is:

1. Place your pot of water over the campfire and wait for it to boil.
2. When boiled, take it off the fire and add your loose leaf tea.
3. Steep your tea leaves for up to five minutes (depending on the desired strength).
4. Hold the pot by the handle and stand up straight in a clear area. That shouldn’t be so hard to find in the wild west. Just watch out for the cacti.
5. With the pot held at arm's length, spin around in a circle.
6. Spin progressively faster while avoiding spilling the boiling tea (and the risk of third-degree burns).
7. The centrifugal force should then pin the leaves to the bottom of the pot, or you’ll get so dizzy you fall over, spill the tea, and fail (quite likely if you have the same degree of hand-eye coordination as us).

All clear? Great, now over to you!

Cowboy Coffee – The Stirring Method

You could try the spinning method to make coffee too if you like (in fact, do). Or you could give the stirring method a go. Besides from the obligatory pot, water, and coffee, the only other thing you need is a spoon. If you’re all out of spoons, you might have to improvise. A toothbrush handle could work quite nicely, or better yet, your soon-to-be-burnt finger is perfect! Here’s a rundown of what to do:

1. Boil your water in a pot over the fire.
2. Once boiled, let it stand for a minute before adding the coffee.
3. Stir it up!
4. Leave it alone! Just ignore the coffee and water for two minutes. Go throw some horseshoes or something!
5. Stir it up again!
6. Keep the pot perfectly still for two minutes so the coffee grounds sink to the bottom. If they float, you have done something seriously wrong!
7. Now carefully drink that fresh brew without agitating the grounds, or pour very gently into cups if you have them.
8. Don’t drink the last bit unless you want a mouth full of used coffee grounds.

It really doesn’t get much simpler than that!

More Ways to Brew Like a Cowboy

So, those are two of the most basic ways to make tea and coffee with minimal gear. But there are a couple of other ways you can try to improve your brew with items you may have handy.

If you’ve just fried a few eggs for breakfast you might want to give the eggshell method a go. Simply crush up those eggshells and mix them up with your ground coffee before adding to water. The eggshells will help to pull the coffee grounds down to the bottom of the pot and hold them there. Your coffee may have faint hints of egg, but what do you expect when making coffee out in the Wild West?

All out of eggshells? Maybe you packed one too many pairs of socks in your bag? If the answer is yes then you’re in luck! A clean sock works great as a makeshift brew bag.

Just put your ground coffee or tea leaves in the sock, and then dunk that sock in your pot of freshly boiled water. Leave it in there for five minutes and hey presto, no coffee sludge or tea bits in your cuppa! A dirty sock without any holes will work just as well, that is if you don’t mind some funky flavour in your morning brew and not the good kind.

That’s all we’ve got for you right now, but if you’ve been improvising with making tea and coffee then we want to hear from you! Add your cowboy-inspired methods in the comments below.

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Coffee Date? No Wait, Date Coffee! ☕️

After a good date season, have you ever had tons and tons of date seeds sitting in the kitchen waiting to be thrown away? Neither have we, but this recipe will definitely peak your interest if you’re in the market for a caffeine-free alternative to kickstart your weekday morning.

As of 2004, 6.9 million tons of dates were processed, with a whopping 863,000 tons of date seeds produced. So the obvious question is what do we do with all this waste? Currently these byproducts are mostly used in animal feed with their potential for human health benefits lost and forgotten.

Did you know that within that syrupy sweet date flesh that we crave, hides a small jewel that has the potential to lower blood sugar levels, prevent heart disease and blood clots, encourage good gut bacteria growth, and prevent certain types of cancers? All while increasing your intelligence more and more with every sip.

So, enough about all the good stuff that comes with this new concoction, let’s get down to the nitty gritty and make a cup of date coffee for yourself!

The Date Coffee Manual:

1. Eat LOTS of dates! The collecting of date seeds can be a pain, but trust us, by the end of this experiment you’ll be forever in our debt. Between 8-10 seeds should be enough for a solid cup, so we suggest you get chewing right away!

2. Following that, a good soak in a nice hot bath overnight should get rid of all that sticky fruit surrounding the seeds. Be sure to get all that nasty stuff off with some water and a paper towel or it could ruin the roast

3. Now that your seeds are all swelled up and clean, you’ll need to leave them out to dry, just like what happened on your last date 😉

4. Here comes the fun part! If you’re fancy like us and have your own coffee roasting machine then congrats! You’ve won yourself a whole pat on the back. If not, don't stress. The process is basically the same, just be sure to give your seeds a good shake every couple of minutes when in the oven at about 170℃. A roasting time of around 30 minutes should be good but trust your gut on this one

5. Once again, you can give yourself another slap on the back if you have your own coffee grinder at home. This can work just as well if you use a food processor or even a pestle and mortar if you’re willing to put in the extra elbow grease (Not sure how that will affect the flavour, but anyway…)

6. And now, ladies and gentleman, the moment you have been waiting for, for all 2 minutes of reading time, we have finally reached the brewing stage! Whether you like your morning brew made via a drip filter, french press or Aeropress this interesting creation finds itself somewhere in the arena of tea with natural sweetness and even hints of coffee and mocha all in one cup.

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s summarise:

  • Collect date seeds
  • Treat like normal coffee
  • Drink and enjoy

Remember to add some funk in with some cinnamon, ginger or even our artisanal chai concentrate to pump you up for another exhilarating day of trying to find something else to replace that buzz provided by your loving companion – your morning cuppa coffee.

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Three Delectable Purim Cocktails for Celebrating in Style

How do you celebrate the mitzvah of drinking? With some Purim cocktails of course! We’ve crafted three delicious concoctions that pay homage to the characters of this special Jewish festival. After all, the 4th century rabbi Rava said it best when he exclaimed, “One must drink on Purim until that person cannot distinguish between cursing Haman and blessing Mordechai.” And who are we to argue with that!

Purim Cocktail Recipes


Purim Cocktail

For those of you who think that Queen Vashti was an icy b!tch like us, this drink is definitely the one for you. Filled with sweetness and leaving behind a frosty bite from our Mint & Lime Iced Tea, it’s paired with a generous amount of vodka to ensure this Purim will be one to write down in your own Megillah one day.

1. Pour 150ml of Mint & Lime Iced Tea into one of your fancy tall glasses

2. Add 60ml of vodka for a slight kick

3. For some sweetness add 15ml simple syrup

4. Top off with soda water and a squeeze of lemon juice

5. Garnish with a lemon slice & mint leaves. Dress to impress doesn't only apply to your Purim getup but your drinks as well!

6. Stir with ice and enjoy!


Purim Cocktail

This one is for the wise. Not only will you look very dapper sipping on this bad boy while sitting in your comfy leather chair in a robe and slippers, but your bravery shines through as well, with a double shot of gin to get the night rolling.

1. For this you’ll need 60ml of your favourite gin

2. 15ml of our chai concentrate

3. Shake and strain over ice

4. Garnish with a cinnamon stick & a slice of orange


Purim Cocktail

A mix that’s sure to get your rashanim (noisemakers) going. Not only does it have the Doubleshot coffee you’ve been craving but a generous dose of vodka is in there too, an added bonus to help celebrate your Purim party!

1. Add 60ml of freshly brewed coffee

2. Mix in 60ml of vodka, don’t be shy!

3. 20ml of our rich cacao SYRP

4. Shake like you’ve just heard Haman’s name

5. Strain into a martini glass

6. Garnish with coffee beans and a sprig of mint

And that’s it, you’re all set to mix up these Purim cocktail recipes, but if you have any of your own go ahead and school us. Add them to the comments below so we can try them out!