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    Shop 4, Ground Floor, 199 Oxford Parks, Dunkeld , JHB, 2196


    Some are, some aren’t. Some are organic, and some aren’t. They are chosen on quality and season primarily. It’s not that we don’t believe in fair trade, its just that we think there are better ways about it. Remember, fair trade is not the only way to trade fairly.

    Ok, it’s enough of these kind of questions already. Let me learn you a thing or two about the free markets and how we think that they can best support enduring, sustainable practices!


    Let’s say we serve you an amazing cup of coffee. But let’s say it costs a couple extra dinero – but it’s so totally worth it that you cannot wait to come back for another, and after a few of them you won’t be able to choke down crappy coffee anymore.

    That takes a pretty skilled barista, using solid tech and exceptional beans! Such a skilled barista is gold to a café, and certainly worth paying a premium for. But, that barista cannot spin gold out of straw, and you need to give him/her a great coffee to work with, or its going to taste like strbkcs! So, you need to get it from a great roaster, who has real skill, and has invested time into understanding how to coax the flavours out of a bean. Such a roaster is gold to a roastery and his/her skills are certainly worth paying a premium for! But, even the best roaster cannot polish a t-rd and he/she’s going to need great beans to make the magic happen… And so on, you get the idea, and that’s how the free market provides an avenue for real enduring sustainable practices through value creation. Its not a zero-sum game, and no one is giving a grudging hand out. So yeah, we do direct trade as well, but driven primarily by quality.

    We don’t use any animal or alcohol derivatives in our products. Our Craft Iced tea and Artisanal Concentrate ranges are Kosher and Halaal certified

    Drop us a mail at and we will try direct you to our closest stockists. Keep an eye on our interactive map, as we update it with stockists.

    No. Our brand is our guarantee.
    Yes, please contact to enquire about distribution in your area.
    Yes, we suggest frequent follow up training for staff to ensure that they stay inspired, hone their craft and stay abreast of new developments.
    Yes!! We love working with like minded people and are always excited to explore new avenues.

    Shop 4, Ground Floor, 199 Oxford Parks, Dunkeld , JHB, 2196

    Only heaps of caffeine.