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Artisanal Chai Concentrate

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Our authentic spicy chai concentrate is the real deal is preservative and additive free and brewed from tea leaves as well as ground spices. The taste is warming, exotic and instantly addictive.

3 reviews for Artisanal Chai Concentrate

  1. BestiesBrew

    I have tried making my own Chai, but I found the spices and tea kept getting stuck in my teeth. Hours of chewing later, followed by pouring scalding hot milk into my cheek have left me unsatisfied and with a burned mouth, and wads of mulch to show for it. So, you can understand that I approached the Doubleshot Chai Concentrate (tm pending) with much trepidation. Imagine my surprise when i found out all you had to do was mix it with milk! No more ulcers and internal lacerations. Now I get to drink bliss in a cup, without any bleeding.

  2. Dani

    I’m quite obsessed with this Chai! I will drive past other cafes to get to one that serves it. The flavour is wonderfully complex, spicy & interesting.
    I’m now a chai snob.

  3. Tammy Stewart

    Thanks for ruining my gap year. Now I can’t go on, and on, about being 19 in India in 2012 and how soul-elevating their chai tea was because Double Shot now makes it better. It was a great run, after a bit of practice no matter what the conversation was I could weave in my vibration-enhancing stories about Goa beaches and Mumbai streets. Oh, your kid just learnt how to read? Did I ever tell you about the time I read the menu at that Hindu restaurant during my gap-yah in India where I found inner peace, got an EatPrayLove tattoo and transcended this reality? All my soliloquies ended with me thoughtfully staring into the distance talking about how you have to drink authentic chai tea in India before you can say you’ve tasted Chai. My punchline evaporated as quickly as I downed Double Shot’s Artisanal Chai Concentrate. Would you be keen on hearing about that time I got lost in the parking lot of Gateway?

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