Doubleshot Home Barista Beans

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R1,485.00 / 3 months

The perfect gift for someone who is serious about coffee. Get 2 x 200gm every 2 weeks for 3 months of our roaming band of seasonal specialty coffee beans. That’s fresh, in your face outstanding beans directly to you for a flat fee of R 495/month. Pretty Schwifty.

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100gm, 1kg, 200gm, 500gm

1 review for Doubleshot Home Barista Beans

  1. Donna Emanuel Montiano

    Got a bag of the Guatemala to try at home, hands down best coffee I’ve ever had! Love the taste and great flavor. My friends now all want to come to me for coffee instead of going to a coffee shop, thanks Doubleshot.

  2. Duan

    Every two weeks I wake up in a panicked-state, thinking that I am out of my beloved Doubleshot beans.

    Fortunately, as luck would have it, I have thus far only awoken to a new bag of coffee that was carried down by wings of a happily-caffeinated angel that was hesitant to give me my glorious beans.

    This ‘coffee subscription’ should be your go-to, unless you like waiting in traffic.

  3. Moon

    I already love coffee but this package will make me a coffee master and I’ll finally be able to be that person that studies/works at a coffee shop that isn’t Starbucks but is actually a true hipster, coffee lover, author with a typewriter, autumn leaves in the wind, typewriter font tattoo, he saw me reading a book and asked what book I’m reading then we fell in love, type of coffee shop. I can’t wait to be that person.

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Roasters Choice Of Specialty Grade Coffees.

Stupidly good coffees chosen for you by our roaster. These coffees are all fresh crops of authentic specialty grade beans. Ranked according to SCAA graders, and roasted fresh for you. They are always delicious and the kind of stuff that keeps us passionate about what we do.


Always sweet and vibrant.

See our site for suggested brew recipes and ratios. We will be adding info on an ongoing basis and hope you will add to the knowledge in the review section too.


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