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To Freeze or Not to Freeze? The Coffee Freshness Question Answered!

Do you swear by freezing coffee? Or do you scoff at the idea of putting your beans in cold storage? Perhaps you’ve never done it before and are just wondering what all the fuss is about. We have the answers for you!

Should You Freeze Coffee?

It really is hard to give a clear yes or no answer to the ‘whether to freeze coffee’ conundrum.

On the one hand, if you are able to vacuum pack your coffee and remove every molecule of moisture possible before freezing, then it really could work to your advantage. The freshness will be locked in until you decide to defrost.

However, if moisture becomes trapped inside the container with your coffee it’s going to have a negative effect on the flavour. Ensuring that no dampness or condensation alters your coffee during the freezing process is key.

Whether you decide to freeze your coffee should be down to whether you really have to. Like if you want to keep a wonderful once-in-a-lifetime coffee bean in top condition for drinking in a few years time.

The main problem with freezing is that it will always have a slightly detrimental effect on your coffee beans, so it is only a good option when the alternative will have a worse result.

For the best flavour from your coffee bean, you want to brew it within a few weeks of roasting. Over time the flavourful oils in the beans that create great-tasting coffee will go stale, which results in a more bitter taste.

When Freezing Coffee is Good Idea

Here are a few different scenarios when you might want to freeze your coffee:

  • You got some limited edition coffee you absolutely love and are dreading the day you run out so want to keep some to relive the good times far into the future.
  • You have loads of coffee beans that you simply cannot consume quickly enough before they begin to get old and lose their flavour.
  • Freezing coffee beans in your thing. You love nothing more than getting up in the morning and fondling your fresh beans before packing them up for some time in sub-zero hibernation.

The Right Way to Freeze Coffee

If you think freezing coffee is the right choice then there are a few guidelines to follow:

  • Make sure you use airtight containers, like reusable bags, and leave as little air inside as possible.
  • Vacuum pack your coffee if you can.
  • Divide your coffee up into small amounts that you can that thaw and use within a week.
  • Once you have frozen the coffee, do not defrost and refreeze (this can cause condesation to form).

Cold Tip: Grinding after Freezing

When you grind a coffee bean that isn’t frozen you’re going to end up with grounds that are an optimal size, but also some are very small and some a bit too large. Grinding frozen coffee beans reduces this irregularity in the resulting coffee grounds, so you get a more even result and a slightly better brew!

When Freezing Coffee is a Bad Idea

Still not sure if you should freeze your coffee? Here are some examples of when not to do it:

  • You are a true coffee connoisseur and want to experience the taste of if your latest choice of beans at their absolute finest.
  • You have already ground your coffee. Now is the time to drink it, not to freeze it.
  • You want to store your coffee for a month or less. Just keep it in an airtight container, and put it on a shelf where it’ll stay dry and not exposed to strong light or heat.

What About the Fridge?

No way! A fridge will do nothing for the freshness of your coffee, in fact it’s likely to make it worse. Moisture will ruin the natural aroma of coffee and odours from other stuff in your fridge will be absorbed. Unless you want to flavour your coffee with some of last night’s leftover pizza, keep it out of the fridge.

But the Best Thing…

Just buy coffee when you need it! For the best tasting coffee drink it as close to roasting and grinding as possible. A great way to do this is to have a fresh supply of coffee at hand at all times. A Doubleshot coffee subscription can help with this, so you’re sent regular batches of freshly roasted coffee beans. Remember, life is too short for bad coffee!

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