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Rich Cacao SYRP

Chocolate Button. Rich Mousse. Wonka’s Dreams.


This is all about the delicious Tanzanian cacao we got our grubby little hands on. We roast it to highlight some of its fruitier notes and once its brewed as the cacao syrup its rich complex and will elevate your drinks to a new level.

Cane sugar, brewed cacao nibs, natural flavour. Happiness and natural goodness. Total 375ml/bottle.
Rich and deep chocolate that fills your mouth, threatening to burst out your eyes in a cascade of sparkles and twinkles. Beware!
Add 15ml to your 250ml latte and give a stir. Combine with Cacao SYRP, or a couple blocks of dark chocolate and add to hot milk for a chocolate dipped coconut macaroon milk steamer. See the brew-guide for some more ideas https://doubleshot.co.za/brew-guides/


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