Office Blend – Seasonal Blend


“Office Blend – Seasonal Project ” The Office Blend has been made with the mission of creating an outstanding coffee that will brew effectively in home and office coffee machines. Smaller, non-cafe style machines often battle with extraction and can result in sour, or sharp brews when trying to use light roasted specialty beans. “The Office Blend” is a project of ours to create a specialty grade coffee that will perform within these parameters. Expect bright flavours, but with the sweetness and syrupy mouthfeel you would expect from commercial machines.

Our seasonal projects use fresh crops of specialty grade beans and may be a blend or single bean depending on the season’s produce.




El Salvador – Finca Bosque Lya Orange Bourbon.

1470 – 1650 masl, Orange Bourbon varietal. Washed processed, Santa Ana municipality. Finca Bosque Lya, was established in 1932 by Gustavo Vides Valdes and named “Lya” after his daughter. The estate rests on the foothills of the Ilamatepec Volcano in the Apaneca Mountain range of western El Salvador, and is known for its natural beauty, wildlife and high quality coffee. This lot comprises of orange bourbon, a lively and sweet varietal, which has had excellent picking and has been processed.

Flavour notes


Cotton candy sweetness, red apple, stone fruits acidity with a middle of almonds & toasted macadamia nuts and vanilla finish.


Toasted marshmallow sweetness, dominated by toasted almond and macadamias, with notes of Amaretto, dark chocolate and vanilla finish.


We suggest setting your machine at a “finest” grind setting, “shortest” shot and “highest/strongest” dose of coffee setting and using the shortest extraction.


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