Coffee and Junk Food Pairing:

The fine art of food pairing draws on all the sense, challenging the gourmands smell, taste, and even touch. But, mostly it rests in the deep recesses of memory, triggering nostalgia and drawing from a library of mental images. Join our taste adventure in this short article

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Warming Chai Recipes for the Winter Months 🥶 4 of the Best!

There’s no avoiding it, however much you’d like to. The dark days of winter are upon us.  Once the sun goes down and the night creeps in, we need to do everything we can to stay snug and cosy. Which usually means wrapping yourself up in your duvet with a nice warm drink. Well, we don’t know much about duvets but when it comes to delicious hot beverages we’ve got plenty to say!

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Coffee Date? No Wait, Date Coffee! ☕️

After a good date season, have you ever had tons and tons of date seeds sitting in the kitchen waiting to be thrown away? Neither have we, but this recipe will definitely peak your interest if you’re in the market for a caffeine-free alternative to kickstart your weekday morning.

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Give Your Beans a 2nd Life! How to Reuse Coffee Grounds

We all know brewing coffee from freshly ground beans is, without a doubt, the best way to prepare a cup of your favourite blend. But what about all those coffee grounds used up in the process, surely they deserve a better send-off than just being flung in the bin?

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How to write indignant cafe reviews online.

Ever wondered how you could become the next Stephen King? How about why the girls seem to always avoid you at parties? We cannot help you with that, but we can teach you how to write food reviews that drive coffee shop owners scampering back into the safe space of corporate servitude.

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The poor man’s cappuccino – home brewing on a budget hack.

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