Aeropress© Brewer

It’s one of the most popular brewing methods in the specialty coffee universe! Created by the guys who brought you aerobies, so how wrong can you go? If you don’t yet know what an aeropress, let me learn you a thing or 3 about this coffee pusher. It looks like the inventor, Alan Adler, crossed a syringe with a size enhancer. Fully constructed of durable food grade plastic, this pleasure piston is incredibly simple and robust. The genius is in the simplicity. Using minimal parts, it’s the Glock of the coffee world. Despite the simplistic construction of the Aeropress, coffee geeks have access an extremely variable brewing tool. Adjust doses, grinds, brew times, plunging times, plunging pressure and temperatures gives you a wide range of variables from which to manipulate your coffee extraction. I use mine for tea as well as coffee. Don’t judge me, it looks a bit like a bong, so i’m sure tea is not that strange.



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