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Have you ever wondered why Aliens always seem to choose to visit guys named Billy Bob who are married to their cousins as their first point of contact? Us too, and that’s part of what makes Aliens super cool! If you are tired of waiting to be abducted, then the next best “out of this world” experience is this coffee. This little Mexican shines best in milk and as an espresso , where you can get the most out of its soft grape character. Milk based brews will accentuate the sweetness and biscuit like notes.  Limited lot of Mexican bean from the smallholder farmers of Union San Pedro, Oaxaca, Mexico.

Our seasonal projects use fresh crops of specialty grade beans and may be a blend or single bean depending on the season’s produce.


Very Limited Stock Available!!





Mexican washed and sundried. Mundo Novo, Pluma Hidalgo varietals.

Union San Pedro is an association of eight smaller sub-associations that represent eight communities, comprising 180 coffee producing families. Located around the town of San Pedro El Alto in Oaxaca’s Sierra Sur mountain
range 1450- 1900 masl.
. Flavour notes on its own: Espresso – Sweet with light body, pear like acidty and grape notes. In the milk – Soft cream, tennis biscuit and light toasted nuts, caramel finish.

Flavour Notes


Grapes, Full mouth feel,  sweet and gentle malic acidity.


Sweet creamy and a mouth stuffed with way too many tennis biscuits. Behave already!


We suggest a 1:2 ratio, (18 gm for 36 gm espresso) and a 25 to 28 second extraction will accentuate the acidity and juiciness in the espresso. Try a 1:3 espresso at  12-15 seconds if you want a sugar buzz


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