City Blend – Seasonal Blend


“City Blend – Seasonal Project” is our hunt for the elusive “unicorn” that is a magnificent all-rounder. Balanced and sweet enough for a nube, layered and complex enough for a connoisseur, City Blend delivers in every brewing method. City Blend adds the melody that keeps you in step.

Our seasonal projects use fresh crops of specialty grade beans and may be a blend or single bean depending on the season’s produce.




10% Colombian, El Puente Special Selection Natural processed.

30% El Salvador Beneficio San Miguel Coop,

60% Rwandan Gitega Hills.

The Colombian is produced at the El Puente mill, that services 90 family farms, the mill derives its name after the nearby footbridge. Like its name, the project creates a local bridge by which small producers are able to come together and produce exceptional quality coffees, earning them premium prices. Happy farmers, and happy customers. Now as a roaster, we can say that the price is worth every cent. The sweet juicy stewed fruit and heaps of complexity adds just the right amount of funk to this blend.

El Salvador Beneficio San Miguel Coop -in the Western region, Ahuachapan, is a shade grown coffee which is wet and dry milled. Very smooth and creamy, this bean gives the cup a silky mouth feel and mellows out the acidity of the other two beans. Think of it as a referee, or maybe cherubic smilling camp counselor, keeping the peace between the other two slightly hyper kids.

The Rwandan is Grown 1740 masl in Gitega, Cyanka. The coffee is a red bourbon and natural process. We found hints of tropical fruits when brewed black, and a suprisingly bold toffee laced cup when brewed in milk. Very easy drinking while simultaneously compl


Flavour notes


Raisins, Stewed fruit, hints of papaya. Very balanced and very sweet.


Sweet condensed milk and toffee with fruity notes and alpaca knit blankies.


We suggest a 1:2 ratio, (18 gm for 36 gm espresso) and a 28 to 33 second extraction.


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