There is no shortage of coffee equipment options on the market these days. Some affordable, some stupidly expensive. But what if you have a limited budget, or simply don’t have a sophisticated setup, and want to brew a creamy, airy milky coffee at home? Delgado coffee looks all well and fine on Instagram, but you have a working face of taste buds. What then? Alternative brewing methods, such as pour overs, will give you the rich complex, flavours you need. But, won’t scratch that milky itch. You need some silky micro textured milk in a pinch.

Here is a simple, hack that doesn’t need high pressure espresso machines or even a nespresso style milks steamer.
All you will need is a moka pot, a plunger, a decent grinder and some exceptional coffee and cold milk. Pay attention to the quality of your coffee and grind it fresh.

Tips for brewing with a moka or brikka pot are subjects for another articles, but we will assume that you can brew a decent pot for this article. So, while your pot is brewing away, time to prepare your milk. Pour a small portion of milk into a cup and heat it in the microwave. It’s important to have a light hand with your milk temperature. Nothing worse than burned milk.

While that’s all bubbling and boiling, add about an inch and a half’s worth of cold milk into your coffee press. Now using the plunger, start to vigorously pump it up and down into the milk. You will soon see that the milk will stretch and create a micro texture. (That was the hack, for any slower but still much beloved readers). Finally, pour your coffee, followed by the hot milk into a cup. Lastly swirl the frothed milk in the plunger to combine it, and pour it onto the top to finish. I like dusting the finished drink with a touch of cacao powder, because I like pretty and tasty coffee.

A cold version can be made easily by substituting the hot milk for cold. There you have it folks, nice a easy.

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