Passion Mango Tea Green tea


Juicy, tangy, tropical flavour burst in your face. I could wax lyrical about this tea for ages. I could sing you sweet songs and write you poems exalting its delicacy and ethereal beauty. What I could tell you about this tea would make your legs weak and your heart flutter. But then where would we be? After leaving your husband for the promise of fresh summer romance. Your dreams of long beaches and swinging hammocks would be empty. All you would have in hand is this tea. This sweet, sweet tea!

Best all I say is, this tea is handmade, with strong, sturdy hands, using green tea from Satemwa Tea Estate. This tea won’t ever let you down, not like *cough cough*, someone who doesn’t help out nearly enough around the house. No, this tea will not disappoint. Best of all, your mother will also approve of this tea.

We use fresh, seasonal tea and great ingredients; and blend them in small batches to bring wonderment and happiness.



Leaf Details


Handmade African green tea base from the Malawian tea estate, Satemwa. Aromatised with fruits, flowers, passion fruit and mango natural flavour.


African green tea, candied and dried fruits, hibiscus, rosehip, flowers and flowers.

Flavour Notes

Sweet, juicy and cheeky.



1 teaspoon/cup. 85°C water for 2:30


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