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Out of This World Coffee – Seasonal Specialty Coffee

Mango· Passionfruit· Litchi.




Have you ever wondered why Aliens always seem to choose to visit guys named Billy Bob who are married to their cousins as their first point of contact? Us too, and that’s part of what makes Aliens super cool! If you are tired of waiting to be abducted, then the next best “out of this world” experience is this coffee. Bursting with Tropical flavours this little Colombian gem is radically different and totally delicious.

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Colombian Purple Caturra Tropical.

Produced by Rodrigo Sanchez on the Monteblanco estate, in Huila, Colombia. The coffee is grown 1.730 Masl, and is a purple caturra varietal, processed by washing and sun drying. Rodrigo has been experimenting with exotic varietals on experimental farm and this sweet bean is some of the fruits of his labour. Flavour notes on its own: Espresso – Mango, litchi and passionfruit. In the milk – Tropical fruits burst through, caramel finish.

As an espresso:

Mango, passionfruit and tropical fruits. Juicy and sweet.

With milk

Tropical fruits cut through the milk, very sweet with caramel like finish.

We suggest a 1:2 ratio, (18 gm for 36 gm espresso ) and a 27 to 32 second extraction.


Mango· Passion Fruit· Litchi


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