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Foxy Brown – Seasonal Blend

Orange · Chocolate · Pear.

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Foxy Brown is all about making your face dance and your tongue tap. Big body, unusually funky and sweet notes dominate what is a syrupy flavour explosion. We are not interested in balance, we are trying to dial up the funk with this one. Our seasonal projects use fresh crops of specialty grade beans and may be a blend or single bean depending on the seasons produce.

1100 masl, Caturra varietal. Yellow Honey processed, Nuevo Segovia Region. La Argentina microlot

This seasons Foxy Brown features a yellow honey processed Nicaraguan Coffee from the Finca El Bosque’ estate in the municipality of San Fernando. The land is incredibly wild and the coffee grows amongst the dense shade of banana trees. Potassium from the bananas provides rich nutrients to the soil, making the coffee grow strong and delicious. Essentially the bananas are making nutrient shakes for the coffee cherries, or something along that line. The owner (Julio Peralta) seems to have an obsession with making decent brews as well and will stop at nothing short of juicy, sweet coffee beans.


Espresso: Orange, chocolate, pear. Citrus acidity with a praline finish..


Super sweet in the milk, with fudge, condensed milk and caramel

We suggest a 1:2 ratio (18 gm ground beans per 34 extracted liquid) and a 25 to 28 second extraction.


Cognac · Cranberry · Allspice

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1kg, 200gm, 500gm

1 review for Foxy Brown - Seasonal Blend

  1. Alain Rosa (store manager)

    Imagine Samuel L Jackson holding your mouth open, pouring the whole Motown line up down your throat, while your tongue keeps a drum beat, your uvula provides harmony and your teeth pretend to be doorway beads.

  2. Karen Bunny Smith

    Foxy Brown Seasonal Blend….Tastes soooooohhh good with brown sugar & spice…..but don’t heat it right and it will taste even better on ice!

  3. Ameer

    The name of this would be a joke to say I like my coffee like I like my women.. But El Salvadorian Coffee Beans does not disappoint.

  4. Charl

    Foxy is the love child of Aretha Franklin and Kenny G. Once that smooth dark brown heaven juice hits your palate, and caresses your tongue with its little pockets of flavour you realize what a strong independent Woman is capable of.

  5. Jediael Benjamin Dhawraj

    Legend has it… that Foxy is still toe tapping and jazz handing it up… even as we speak. Go on then brew your next mug.

  6. Jediael Benjamin Dhawraj

    The song Foxy on the run was written for this exactly bean. 10/10

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