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Craft Iced Tea Summer Heat Beater

Crisp. Refreshing. Natural. Authentic.


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Get a mixed carton (24 bottles) of iced teas per month for 3 months for only R516/month.

Discover our iced teas with a six pack of each flavour, delivered once a month for 3 months. That’s a six pack of Mint/lime green tea, Cling Peach, Light Lemon and Hibiscus/vanilla. That’s 3 months of refereshment, you cannot beat.

Share them with your friends and hold them out of reach above your kids heads, until they cry. You will become instantly cool, because our iced teas are cool. People who drink our iced teas have class and appreciate fine craftsmanship.

We use orthodox hand made teas and herbal ingredients sourced from around Africa. All teas are traceble, and use premium ingredients. We do not use preservatives, or additives, our teas are not only delicious but good for you and the environment too.

Filtered Water

Our Craft Iced Teas are naturally brewed from a selection of black, green tea and herbal African teas leaves.

UTZ, Fair Trade and Rainforest Alliance Certified and organic ingredients where available.

Freshly-squeezed lemon juice

Cane Sugar


Crisp and refreshing, Clean distinct tea, lightly sweetened, with a honey finish

Drink them chilled, or over ice. Or get creative and use them to make your own cocktails for a nasty night out


Crisp. Refreshing. Natural. Authentic. Iced Tea


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