City Blend – Seasonal Blend

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“City Blend – Seasonal Project” is our hunt for the elusive “unicorn” that is a magnificent all-rounder. Balanced and sweet enough for a nube, layered and complex enough for a connoisseur, City Blend delivers in every brewing method. City Blend adds the melody that keeps you in step.

Our seasonal projects use fresh crops of specialty grade beans and may be a blend or single bean depending on the season’s produce.

2 reviews for City Blend - Seasonal Blend

  1. Alain Rosa (store manager)

    Since I have changed to drinking City Blend, everyone around me says that I have become totally balanced. Just like the fine balance I have found in the cup, I too no longer attract restraining orders, and no one calls me crazy. Crazy they said! CRAZY.

  2. Coffee Snob

    My go-to morning coffee. Not just because of how it tastes – I’ve ditched my yoga class and thrown out all my power balance bracelets since I started drinking City Blend. No more stumbling around like a fool in the morning. City Blend for the win!

  3. Kival

    Thank you double shot for your city blend it motivates me to get up at 8 am to drink my coffee only to then get back to bed
    The motivation kinda stops there.

  4. Elmarie

    This coffee will help me destroy the world and will love to drink the awesome coffee

  5. Michelle

    I never used to drink a lot of coffee, then a friend recommended your City Blend. I made a cup and it was delicious! The second cup was sensational!! The third cup I realised that I thought I didn’t like coffee, but it turns out I just hadn’t had GREAT coffee. I drank a lot more after that, not considering the wave of caffeine heading my way. I now drink many of your fabulous blends! There is, however, a fine line between having a few cups of coffee, and drinking so much your eye starts twitching, you become annoyingly productive at work, and you want to go to karaoke bars or a mosh pit. Maybe you could include a little warning brochure? Although it is a mistake one only makes once!

  6. Abigail

    After one cup you have Godzilla like strength to tackle the day ahead !!
    Feeling a bit flat pop the kettle on and charge up with this amazing blend of coffee beans 🥰. Obsessed with the smell of a fresh cup of city blend !

  7. Jediael Benjamin Dhawraj

    As much as it’s Godzilla on the packaging, I assure you one cup of the City Sessonal will have you beating your Chest like King-Kong! 🔥🦍

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35% Colombian, El Puente Special Selection honey processed.

35% Colombia El Puente washed.

30% Lya Bosque Orange Bourbon El Salvador.

Produced at the El Puente mill, that services 90 family farms, the mill derives its name after the nearby footbridge. Like its name, the project creates a local bridge by which small producers are able to come together and produce exceptional quality coffees, earning them premium prices. Happy farmers, and happy customers. Now as a roaster, we can say that the price is worth every cent. The sweet syrupy butterscotch notes from this bean hooked me on the first hit. Or cup, or whatever. Why, just this weekend I was locked in a room trembling like a leaf and begging my wife to give me just one last aeropress of this delicious coffee. Just…….more… and then I can stop. Locking me up seemed excessive. I mean, I could stop drinking our stock anytime I wanted to, it is just that I am not quite ready yet...


Raisins, juicy stone fruit, toasted macadamia finish. Very balanced and very sweet.


Shortbread, caramel, butterscotch, oats, toasted nuts and alpaca knit blankies.

We suggest a 1:2 ratio, (18 gm for 36 gm espresso ) and a 27 to 32 second extraction.


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