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City Blend – Seasonal Blend

Dulce de Leche· Crisp Red Apple · Toasted Nuts

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City Blend – Seasonal Project” is our hunt for the elusive “unicorn” that is a magnificent all-rounder. Balanced and sweet enough for a nube, layered and complex enough for a connoisseur, City Blend delivers in every brewing method. City Blend adds the melody that keeps you in step. Our seasonal projects use fresh crops of specialty grade beans and may be a blend or single bean depending on the seasons produce.

60% El Salvador Lya Bosque, Orange Bourbon, washed process & Organic.

1650-1835 Masl, Cattura varietal. Honey processed, León Cortes, Tarrazú Region, Organic Beneficio AFAORCA (The Association of Organic Families of the Caraigres Hills).

Grown on the Ilamatepec volcano in the Santa Ana district, by the Lya Casdada. The farm is known for its stunning forests and wildlife, as well as producing cup of excellence winners. The pours loads of cashews, almonds and crisp apple flavours, making it perfect for the CityBlend.

40% Gautamala Red de Mujeres

Altitude 1600-1850 MASL, varietals: PACHE, BOURBON, CATURRA, Region: Guatamala Huehuetenango

Produced by a group of women in the San Antonio Huista, Huehuetenango area, the Red de Mujeres is part of a project to uplift women, who have suffered the ravages of Gautamala`s 36 year long civil war, or have otherwise been left to fend for themselves be ner-do-well men! The project was setup with the assistance of ACODIHUE and has trained the women in organic, and other best growing practices. As a stand-alone coffee Red de Mujeres has a crisp, juicy red apple character with a long super creamy finish in milk, with hints of sweet caramels, toffee and toasted nuts.

As an espresso:

Crisp red apple, fruity, toasted macadamia, with sweet hazelnut finish. Very balanced and very sweet.

With milk

Dulce de Leche, fruits on the nose, toasted hazelnut, and alpaca knit blankies.

We suggest a 1:2 ratio and a 29 to 32 second extraction.


Praline · Honey Nougat · Cocoa

Our project for creating sweet and balanced coffee, but without the boredom. Buy now.

2 reviews for City Blend – Seasonal Blend

  1. Alain Rosa (store manager)

    Since I have changed to drinking City Blend, everyone around me says that I have become totally balanced. Just like the fine balance I have found in the cup, I too no longer attract restraining orders, and no one calls me crazy. Crazy they said! CRAZY.

  2. Coffee Snob

    My go-to morning coffee. Not just because of how it tastes – I’ve ditched my yoga class and thrown out all my power balance bracelets since I started drinking City Blend. No more stumbling around like a fool in the morning. City Blend for the win!

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