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Artisanal Rooibos Concentrate

Rooibos · Honey · Vanilla

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Brewed from rooibos, with a hint of honey and vanilla. Make rooibos lattes without destroying your valuable espresso machine. Preservative and additive free.

Rooibos, honey, vanilla.

Rich and full bodied.

Shake the bottle well. Add 30 artisanal chai concentrate to 250ml of milk, heat via a steam wand.

Pour over ice with apple juice.


We made this product as an act of love. Love for tea lovers, and coffee lovers alike. Because, most are like us, and want their rooibos to taste like rooibos, and their coffee to taste like coffee. By avoiding running coarse grades of rooibos through your espresso machine, and using our concentrate you can achieve just that. A rich, full flavoured and clean rooibos that is quick and easy to prepare. Simply add a shot of our rooibos concentrate into milk, and steam it to create a thick, and delicious rooibos latte. Something cold? No problem, rooibos concentrate makes brilliant freezocchinos by simply blending with ice and milk. Or, you can use vanilla ice cream to make a sensational rooibos milkshake. Because we care, we used the best grades of organic rooibos, not all the left overs. We added a hint of vanilla and honey to make it extra rich and delicious.

1 review for Artisanal Rooibos Concentrate

  1. Ryan Hollander

    Amazing product, there in nothing like it in the world!

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