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Doubleshot Office Specialty

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Office Blend – Seasonal Project” The Office Blend has been made with the mission of creating an outstanding coffee that will brew effectively in home and office coffee machines. Smaller, non-cafe style, machines often battle with extraction and can result in sour, or sharp brews when trying to use light roasted specialty beans. The Office Blend is a project of ours to create a specialty grade coffee that will perform within these parameters. Expect bright flavours, but with the sweetness and syrupy mouth feel you would expect from commercial machines. Our seasonal projects use fresh crops of specialty grade beans and may be a blend or single bean depending on the seasons produce.

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Just because you eat bitter every day, doesn’t mean you have to swallow it. Transcend the corporate abyss with our “office blend” and get a step closer to spiritual emancipation.

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100gm, 1kg, 200gm, 500gm

3 reviews for Doubleshot Office Specialty

  1. Johannes Jonker

    Ja, so I was planning on handing in my resignation at work, I’d had just about enough of that office with its blerrie foosball table and open plan nonsense. How’s a guy supposed to concentrate when some idiot with a top knot and dangly earring is banging on that table on the floor above me? I was at my rope’s end in another blerrie staff meeting (you know, the ones where you’d rather shave your eyebrows than sit there another minute) listening to that eejit banging around upstairs like he was training for the Olympics and I almost didn’t notice when my boss said we were swopping coffee brands. Anyways, we’ve been on the Office Blend for 2 weeks now and it turns out I’m a machine on the tabletop so Geoff’s gonna help me pick out a Foosball Table Arena for my Lapa and tomorrow he’s going to introduce me to his barber.

  2. Lauren Sokolich

    The coffee is great… don’t get me wrong, it’s GREAT office coffee. BUT the bag runs out too fast!!! You’d swear my staff were spooning it into their cereal or inviting friends and family over for coffee at work. Have you thought about selling it in 5kg bags???!!

  3. Lawrence Koch

    Every time they brief an intern to leave a review about the complimentary office coffee Double Shot gave the company, within 24 hours they’ve launched their own app that’s “like Uber but for massages/tyre changes/compliments/make-up” etc. I’m intern no.16 and we’ve run out of coffee. Please send more.

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