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Chocolate Mint Rooibos – Herbal Tea

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Chocolate has saved me on more occasions than the police, life rafts, the fire department and pretty much every other so called service that promises to look after your life combined. So chocolate with mint is as powerful a talisman as one could wish for, to ward off angry wives. Wave those flowers right into the trash, and get your wife a bag of chocolate and mint rooibos. Rooibos naturally doesn’t have caffeine, so its going to soothe her, and not keep her up all night simmering about all the stuff you have undoubtedly been wrong about. The only simmering should be your cup of tea.

Forgot your kids at school? No problem  – Chocolate Mint Rooibos! Hanging out with your pals instead of that supper date with the in-laws? We got you covered Chocolate Mint Rooibos! Caught with glazed eyes, staring vacantly into space while she describes her latest clothes shopping exploit? Chocolate Mint Rooibos going to make all that pain go away.

Organic, Super Fine Rooibos, Cacao nibs, mint leaves, mint oil

Rich, Smooth, Candy

1 Heaped teaspoon per cup of boiling water. Brew for a minimum of 5 minutes


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