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AeroPress® Project Beans

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Aeropress® Project Beans” is our search for the ultimate aeropress® coffee. We really love the versatility and ease that Aeropress® affords, with the right combination of grinding, swirling, flipping and squeezing. Given the choice of shooting up with a syringe in an alley or using one of these handy little plungers, we choose aeropress® every time. We are looking for juicy, sweet, and interesting beans for this project. Our seasonal projects use fresh crops of specialty grade beans and may be a blend or single bean depending on the seasons produce.

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Who isn’t obsessed with squeezing coffee through a plastic tube thingy?! We present to our fellow crackheads a celebration of this wonderful syringe by bringing you beans chosen specifically for the task. Buy Aeropress® Project beans now.

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1 review for AeroPress® Project Beans

  1. AlainRosa

    So I’m working on a new inverted pre-infusion method that uses a left handed stirring pattern going in an elliptical figure 8 that’s going to totally change the way guys brew aeropress. I used the Doubleshot aeropress beans and found that I couldn’t get the same tds until I added in a twisting underarmed 45 second plunge. Now I’m getting juicy blueberries and even my mom has asked me to come out of the basement to brew it for her in the mornings. But, like, seriously, I’m not anyone’s personal barista!

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