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AeroPress Recipes a...

AeroPress Recipes and Methods  


Ori Cohen
Member Admin
Joined: 2 years ago
Posts: 3
11/12/2019 3:59 pm  

What are your go-to AeroPress recipes? What have you experimented with?

Ori Cohen
Member Admin
Joined: 2 years ago
Posts: 3
11/12/2019 4:53 pm  

To start off with, my go-to method starts the inverted method. I don't really see much value in the "original" method where you watch your coffee drip out of the filter from the beginning (disclaimer: I do have a version of this I like for light-roasted, less soluble beans - but I'll save that for another day). For those new to AeroPress, see the pic attached. It's that way round.

So, inverted method. I keep the rubber seal fitted as low as possible so I can fill the AeroPress to max capacity. Then I pre-boil my kettle and let it settle for a minute. I place the paper filter in the basket and pre wet with hot water (advisable when brewing with any paper filter) before starting so everything is ready to go.

Then I add my coffee: 20.5g for medium roasts --> 22.5 lighter roast. Medium filter grind (will explain tweaks later on*). Fill water halfway, start my timer and immediately push all the grounds into the water with the paddle like a multitasking ninja! I top up the water basically as high as I can and then sit and watch it, while watching my timer. At 1:00 on the clock, I push the grounds down again and give it a little stir with the paddle, and as quickly as possible get the filter basket on, invert it over a mug or jug and press. I aim to finish extracting by 1:30 on the dot*. Pro-tip: place a serviette or towel under the mug you're pressing into - it'll prevent the risk of a slipping mug and second-degree coffee burns (although there are worse scars to have).

Notes on pressing: I try get above the AeroPress and use my body weight to control my consistency. *If you are pressing with consistent force and you're finding your press is either taking too long or too short (aiming for the 1:30 mark), the first thing to adjust is grind size. Making it finer will add resistance to your pressing and thus make it slower; and the opposite with a courser grind.

Anyway, I like to experiment with different recipes but this is my trusty go-to recipe when I'm trying a new bean I know nothing about. 





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